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How I ditched sales calls with a simple Hybrid Offer:​

I sold my first million online the Old Fashioned Way.

But the:

- Big team

- Sales calls

- 12 hour days

- And never ending DM’s + follow ups

Put a significant strain on my time and well being.

Today, I do things differently.

I still sell ‘expensive’ things

But with no team (just a VA)

No sales calls (just an Offer Doc)

No 12 hour days (4 is plenty)

And without launching lots of products (just one Hybrid Offer)

The switch to my new Total Man biz model was a choice on where my energy was best spent.

And it wasn’t talking to strangers, managing a team or spamming folks in the DMs.

It was giving that energy back to myself, my wife, my son, my clients, my health and my creativity.

I replaced sales calls with something more effective for me…

A simple Hybrid Offer that:

- Builds a highly leveraged community with volume + highly intimate cohort of private clients simultaneously

- Sells my $5k-$25k coaching program with a simple Offer Doc

(get my Hybrid Offer here)

I see many solo coaches get trapped in strategies that they hate:

Stuck on calls, fumbling with complicated tech and playing a character on the internet with their content that makes them cringe inside.

Strategies based on the idea that if they work for someone else, they should work for you too.

They can work—but they don’t have to be your only option.

I’m giving you a walkthrough of the Hybrid Offer I personally used to ditch sales calls.

The walkthrough is free, so you can try it for yourself.

Then there’s an option to pick up a paid training that has all my DFY templates.

That way you don’t have to create anything from scratch and can implement quickly.

​Start with the free walkthrough:

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